Hello ! I am currently a PhD candidate in Statistics and Machine Learning. I am working at CMAP in Ecole Polytechnique supervised by Stéphanie Allassonnière and Erwan Le Pennec. I am also part of the INRIA team HeKA focused on Health data and model-driven Knowledge Acquisition. Before this, I was a Master student in Mathematics and Machine Learning at MVA in ENS Paris-Saclay.

You can find a version of my Curriculum Vitae here.

I’m also organising a junior seminar at PariSanté Campus with Linus Bleistein dealing with interactions between mathematics and healthcare. Don’t hesite to contact me if you want participate or present your work !

I am interested in systems at the intersection of mathematics and computation, in having analytical insights on real-world applications, especially Medecine and Biology. My current PhD subject is focused on application of Reinforcement Learning for optimisation of medical trajectory to avoid diagnostic wandering in rare diseases. I also have a great interest in:

  • Robust and Risk-Averse Reinforcement Learning
  • Min-max optimization
  • Computational Statistics
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models.

Previously I have worked in a project, Alcov2 on prediction of probability of transmission of Covid 19 into French households under supervision of Grégory Nuel and Amaury Lambert.